Thursday, 30 April 2009

In new artists I Trust

in Recognition of up and coming artists, i have completed a collaboration with my younger brother Jamie Waller. The image is part of a set (to be completed) which serve the purpose of getting young artists in to the art world early on. the title 'Art For Your Ears' is about the ever growing connection between art and music. i hope to complete other collaborations with a range young artists, getting clear talent out and about.

Art direction by Luke Waller
Art Creation by Jamie Waller

Friday, 24 April 2009

Collaberation Fresh from China

me and Mr Jason Lear finally finished our Collaboration work just in time for China, although the work was not used it was good to see it come together. it should be appearing in an exhibition in Poole High street from Tuesday, so the work hasn't gone to waste!

The work is a reflection on Contemporary styles and the very old Edwardian and Victorian styles. in our eyes, bring the best together.

Wu Han City China, Art Exhibition

first of all, wow. really didn't expect the trip to be like it was at all! staying in the most amazing hotel, meeting the most amazing people, showing off my work whilst having it all paid for! really couldn't have asked for more!

the Exhibition went very well, around 20,000 people came to view the work, which was a mix of Chinese and English artwork. Most of the English artwork was from the Soupa group, the rest came from close friends.

Craziest day of the trip was doing a speech to a couple of hundred people and then doing around 5 - 6 TV interviews and radio Interviews about the exhibition. meeting the co-owner of the billion pound company 'New World' and the Leaders of the Hubei Government. defiantly could not have asked for more, made some amazing contacts, and even better friends!

Wu Han, i will be back!

Saturday, 4 April 2009


Uh Oh, Nearly time for the Biggest Exhibition of the year! coming from, wait for it.....Wu Han city China, me and my to comrades, Harriet Gray and Jason Lear will be flying out to oversee the event. i have to give a speech about up and coming Art in the UK. to an Audience of around 45,362 People. Uh Oh!